Manistee Pierhead Light

Last weekend, Eric and I also headed up to Manistee to see the Manistee Pierhead Light. I was flying down back country roads to get there in time to still have daylight! We didn't get the best lighting for outfit shots, but the sunset was insanely beautiful. I'm actually really excited to have captured this lighthouse in this type of setting. I haven't really shown a lot of lighthouse sunset pictures yet on my blog and it's honestly the best time to see them. Our sunsets on Lake Michigan are stunning. I think a lot of us in Michigan take for granted we can just drive down to the beach and see beauty like this!

Back in 1875, two lighthouses were built in Manistee... one on the north pier and one on the south. I don't believe the south one exists anymore (correct me if I'm wrong!), but we ended up at the north pier. I think the south lighthouse might just be an aid to this one. But anyway, this lighthouse is a white tower, with one of the only four remaining catwalks in Michigan. We recently saw another remaining catwalk at the South Haven Lighthouse, and one is in my beach town of Grand Haven. The fourth remaining one is in St. Joseph. If you don't know what catwalks are, they are the black iron walkways along the pier. They were built so that keepers could attend to their duties even when angry waves would sweep over the pier. It's neat that all four of them surviving in Michigan are on the west coast!

Of course, as soon as I saw this dress on ModCloth, I had to buy it. It has lighthouses on it! I actually found an even better lighthouse one that I plan on wearing for a lighthouse boat tour in July. There are lighthouses out in the middle of the Great Lakes that you can only see by boat! It's going to be too amazing. I told Eric that when I retire, I'm going to spend my last remaining days living in a lighthouse and giving tours. Plus, I'll have a computer there so I can continue blogging and playing Sims. Duh. ;)

It was such a good night of exploring. I've been feeling a bit down lately about a few things, and when Eric took my hand and we raced to the end of the pier to catch the last few minutes of the sunset, I just felt better. I know I'm one to get sappy a lot (I get it from my Mom, thanks Mom) but I have such a hard time sometimes when a bunch of things hit me all at once. I have to force myself to be strong. I'm just not a naturally strong person, which is something I am constantly working on. But when I'm with my favorite person, doing one of my favorite things in the whole world, what can I honestly complain about? Life is good. I'm happy. I'll get to all of those goals I want for myself if I continue to work hard, but I just need to enjoy the journey. Because that's life; it's the journey.

Outfit details:

ModCloth At First Lighthouse Dress
Nautical Earrings c/o Onze Boutique
Forever21 red belt
Sweet Soiree Flat in Candy Apple c/o ModCloth