Port Sanilac Lighthouse

The third stop on our Michigan thumb adventure was Port Sanilac Lighthouse. I was a bit worried about visiting this one because I knew it was private property and I wasn't sure if you could get close to it. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find it on a corner in a typical neighborhood. You weren't allowed inside, of course, or on the property but it was easy to snap photos around the lighthouse. I was surprised to find this one was for sale right now! Does someone want to loan me $999,000? ;)

This house is quite beautiful, and pretty much a dream home. I mean it has a freaking lighthouse attached to it. I found the listing online though and the inside is so 80s modern and horrible. All white everything, just very depressing feeling. Not at all true to the time it was built. But it has a guest house as well, with a bathroom. I mean, c'mon now.

There was a trail around back that we explored for a little bit right on Lake Huron. I wish we could always take our photos during the golden hour, because it was so bright when we snapped these, but that's impossible sometimes when you're traveling to see these different places. I wore a nautical dress I got from Lalamagic, and was super comfy while traveling. It's a perfect dress to throw on without having to do any styling!

Outfit details:

Girly Nautical Dress c/o Lalamagic
Kilty Suede Hardsole in Red c/o Minnetonka