TxSC: Part 1

My first full day in Austin for the Texas Style Council Conference was packed! I woke up (what I thought was early) to head down to the Ruche breakfast, and found out I was kind of late. Ha! I like sleep a little too much. But it ended up working out perfect because I got to chat with Mara (love her) for a while, and then Elsie, Emma + team showed up so it was awesome to see them and meet Katie of Skunkboy. She's one of my very favorites, so that was especially exciting for me!

After a morning of workshops, I gave my presentation on Media Kit Creation. I was honestly expecting like 10-15 girls sitting around a table, but was surprised to find a huge "classroom" of tables with tons of girls. Apparently one of the other workshops that was going on during mine was canceled, so I had more girls than usual as well. And I was nervous! Once we finally got my PPT working, I fled through my presentation. Thank goodness for awesome ladies who asked tons of questions at the end! Afterwards, I had some of the sweetest ladies approach me and thank me for the session. It was a huge rush. I'm pretty shy around new people, especially in front of a huge room of stylish gals! But it was super fun + I'm really glad I was able to share a little bit of wisdom about my blog + building a media kit!

After the session, I went to dinner with a bunch of girls (in the group photo above). We went to Guero's Taco Bar, which was one of my favorite places from last year. I tried their brisket tacos in corn tortillas - yum! I love Austin tacos - but that's just an obvious statement. Who doesn't?! It was great to sit and chat with everyone for a while before our big night of "prom"! 

For my outfit, I went pretty casual for a day of workshops. I hadn't worn these high-waisted shorts in forever, so thought I'd try to pair them with an ivory lace top. I felt so comfortable all day long! Plus, these fringe boots were like slippers! I always forget to order the hardsole ones though, and I'd probably recommend those over these softsole ones. Especially if you want to wear them outdoors constantly!

(love  jen loves kev +  m loves m. so much love! ;))

(outfit photos by delightfully tacky)

Outfit details:

Forever21 Boxy Lace Top
Urban Outfitters shorts
Icing Triangle Pendant Necklace
Target Aztec Woven Tote
Classic Fringe Boot c/o Minnetonka Moccasin