McGulpin Point Lighthouse

We're onto our last lighthouse from our Mackinaw City Trip! This is McGulpin Point Lighthouse. It's located right near Mackinaw City, about 2.5 miles away. It's actually quite hidden... in a super odd spot! It's not really near the water, and there's a wooded trail to get to Lake Michigan. But once you're at the top you can see Mackinac Bridge, St. Helena Island and both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. It's quite a beautiful area!

After this lighthouse was built, it became apparent they built it in the wrong location because sailors couldn't see this lighthouse from the east side. So that's why they built Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse. It's one of the oldest surviving lighthouses in the straits of Mackinac. It's always lighthouses like these that I can imagine myself living in. The house was perfectly decorated on the inside. Ah, dream on!

We took Winny with us on this trip, and took her with us on as many adventures as we could. She loved the water and went swimming for her very first time! I kept her on her leash, but she caught onto the dog paddle right away. I was so excited - haha! It was so cute. But then, of course, she decided to roll in sand and it was a nightmare trying to get all of the sand out of her. Since this trip, we've gotten her hair cut and she looks like a totally different pup. I'll have to share a picture soon. :)

I had a great trip in Mackinaw City. I'm glad we decided to save that one for last. September finally has no  travels! I'm excited to be a little bit of a homebody. Eric and I have been working on our apartment and finally got some stuff hung up, including our gallery wall. It feels good to be a bit more settled. October is going to be crazy... and we're traveling three out of four weekends. So I'll be glad to not be gone every weekend knowing this place is a disaster!

Outfit details:

Mellow in Marigold Dress c/o ModCloth
Forever21 belt
Baker's Dozen Flat in Anise c/o ModCloth