I Believe In Nashville

Onto the Nashville posts! We spent the entire weekend with our two best friends, Laura and Steve. This day was our first full day in the city. For breakfast, we headed to a super fun place called The Pfunky Griddle! You ordered everything you wanted, and they brought most of it uncooked for you to cook yourself on a griddle that was built into your table. So much fun! We made eggs, potatoes, and pancakes. We all loved it. Afterwards, we went to check out 12 South. I'd definitely say that's my favorite neighborhood we visited. But I also really loved downtown where it was super touristy. (I love tourist traps.) We ordered coffee and teas at The Frothy Monkey, looked around at a few music stores, and snapped our photos in front of the "I Believe in Nashville" mural. All in all - a perfect day! Plus, the weather was amazing. I'll be back with our evening trip to the Grand Ole Opry!