Reeds bayou

Yay - spring clothes! It's been so fun to play around in my closet after bringing my spring stuff up from the basement. In my attempt to try and remix some of my older stuff, I came across this gem of a dress! I wore this four years ago in my "in the gardens" post. It's so funny having blogged for so long... you remember exactly what you wore in specific posts. Oh yeah, I wore that dress to that garden four years ago. How weird, right?! Anyway, I hope your weekend is off to a good start! Eric and I shared fish tacos and drinks last night. He has a full weekend of shows with his band, so I decided to skip last night and get some stuff done and I'll go see him play tonight. But last night, I went grocery shopping, spring cleaned my car and thoroughly scrubbed our bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. I sort of feel like superwoman right now. ;)

Outfit details:

Kew Gardens Dress c/o ModCloth
RD Style sweater
Aria Clock Long-Strand Necklace c/o Aeropostale
Target taupe tights
Essie's polish in Mint Candy Apple
Urban Outfitters t-strap heels