World's Largest Cherry Pie Tin

Last weekend, Eric and I headed up to the cherry capitol of the world, Traverse City, for cherry festival. On our drive there, we stopped to the "World's Largest Cherry Pie Tin". It's located by Sara Lee Bakery, on highway 31. On July 25, 1987, the world's largest cherry pie was baked in this tin. It was 28,350 pounds; 17 feet, and 6 inches in diameter. The Guinness Book of World's Records certified this pie as the largest ever made. Next up, we'll have to go see the second world's largest cherry pie tin just 50 minutes away in Charlevoix. I sure love the quirky things in Michigan, don't I? Afterwards, we went to the original Traverse Pie location and shared a mini cherry pie. We also checked out the festival, rode a couple of rides, drank cherry sodas, and watched a friend play an acoustic show at Workshop Brewing. I just adore northern Michigan.

Outfit details:

Forever21 Front-Tie Cherry Shirt
ModCloth Milkshake Things Up Dress (similar)
Shoes Your Own Adventure Heel c/o ModCloth (similar)