Grand Island Harbor Range Rear Light

During our trip to Pictured Rocks, we went to find the Grand Island Harbor Range Rear Light. I had also driven past this one at least a few times before! If you head west from downtown Munising toward Christmas, you'll totally miss it if you're not looking. Eric and I drove past it, and I was like, "Wait! It says it's right across from the "Welcome to Christmas" sign!" Sure enough, we pulled off the road and it was sitting at the end of a tiny dirt drive. After our trip, I saw an aerial view and didn't realize there is a newer constructed lighthouse across the street (called the Bay Furnace Directional Light). After doing a little research, I found out that this lighthouse isn't even the original. There was another lighthouse built in 1868, that was moved at some point to Munising to be a residence. (I'd love to find that someday!) This steel tower was built in 1913, as part of a plan to rid of lighthouses that required keepers. This lighthouse was then deactivated, and replaced by the newer lighthouse in 1969. I loved that we were able to see this one on our trip. Hopefully I'll see it again someday when we head up to my dream trip to Isle Royale. Someday.