National Lighthouse Day

Happy National Lighthouse Day! As many of you know, I am in love with lighthouses. I grew up and still live in Michigan, so I've been surrounded by them my whole life, but my love for them especially grew from this blog. Almost 5 years ago, when I started Selective Potential, I would typically post my outfits in front of brick walls or on railroad tracks. After that got a little stale and boring for me, I started seeking out fun and quirky locations and adventures. After visiting a few different lighthouses close to home, I became obsessed. Searching them out on the map, finding hard-to-get-to lighthouses, visiting ones you can only see by boat, or by hiring a guy named "Captain Mike" to take you out to a desolate island... it all became a thrill to me. There are at least 117 lighthouses in Michigan, and I've only seen 34 so far... but it's my lifetime goal to see them all. Even the ones only accessible by boat, airplane or a major hike through the woods. Some are 35 minute drives from home, others are 12 hour drives, plus a boat ride and a 5 mile hike. That's what I love about this adventure! It's always bringing me somewhere new, and beautiful. I can't wait to continue the adventure.