Laura's Bachelorette Party

Last weekend, I headed down to Baroda for my best gal's bachelorette party. I'm sure many of you know Laura from previous posts. She runs a blog with her cousin, Katelyn. She was also at the Maurice's event last year, and traveled with me to Florida this past July too! Anyway, she's getting married next weekend and I couldn't be more excited for her. Eric and I are both super close to her and her fiancΓ©, Steve. Eric plays drums in his band! Long story short, all of the women celebrated her bachelorette party with a full day of wine tasting! We had so much fun. I had never been to Baroda before, so it was fun for me to see a new part of Michigan too. We went to Hickory Creek Winery, Round Barn (my favorite!), Gravity and Lemon Creek Winery. We rode around on a wagon all day, drinking lots of wine, and eating lots of snacks. So fun. Now we look forward to the wedding next weekend!

Outfit details:

Forever21 Black Maxi Dress (similar)
Crochet Mesh Mid-Sleeve Top c/o Chicwish