Taqueria San Jose

Last night, I headed over to a local Mexican favorite, Taqueria San Jose. We have a few really good spots for Mexican food, and this one definitely tops the list. I met up with Tifani of Tifani Lyn Photography to snap a few shots and pick up a few tacos! We were going to eat outside on their outdoor patio area, but the warm air quickly disappeared with the sun! We were having too much fun taking photos, and used up all of the daylight before ordering. But isn't Tifani just the best photographer in all of the land? I love how these turned out!

I've only ever tried their tacos (shame, I know) but I'm just such a taco gal. Corn tortillas, protein, onions and cilantro... yum. My favorites are the chicken and chorizo, but Eric loves the pork and steak too. So good! I'd definitely recommend if you live in the area and haven't been yet, or if you're visiting and want a good place! I'd also totally recommend Donkey (a lil' fancier) and the downtown market for Tacos el Cunado. My top three Mexican places in Grand Rapids, that's for sure! If you know of anything else I should try locally, let me know!

So, I decided with my friend (and hair stylist), Mani, that I would grow out my bangs and try it for the summer. But after talking with Tif last night, I'm thinking about chopping them back! She said not everyone can pull them off, so if you can, you should have them. And they are such a "signature" Tieka staple. I've had them for years and years! What do you guys think? Are you liking the bangs grown out, or should I cut them blunt and straight across again? I need more girlfriends' opinions. See here for a picture reference if you don't know what my blunt bangs look like. ;)

Well, I think the good weather is finally here to stay in Michigan! We have 60's and 70's and sunshine forecasted for the next week. I'm so pumped! Everything is starting to turn green, and the trees all have buds on them. I will jump for joy when everything starts to bloom. We're headed to Nashville this weekend, and it's supposed to thunderstorm all weekend long, which is such a bummer! Hopefully that's not really the case, and it's just sunny and warm. I'm so excited to head south though on a fun roadtrip, hang out with good friends, eat some BBQ, drink some margs + relax! Woo!

Outfit details:

Madewell Skinny Skinny Crop Jeans
Backyard Bash Top c/o ModCloth (similar)
Old Navy Denim Top (similar)
Old Navy Red Flats (similar)