End of autumn

Happy short week, friends! Well... if you have a short week. I have a short week, so I'm definitely celebrating. We don't have major plans, except for Thanksgiving with Eric's family and chopping down a Christmas tree with friends. I'm excited to just have a long weekend to relax, do a little bit of shopping, decorate our place for the holidays, and perhaps get started on my Christmas movie watching. I'm so excited! These pictures were also taken right before our first snowfall... so autumn is over! I know winter doesn't officially start until late December, but once snow is here, winter is here in the minds of Michiganders.

I'm still going strong on my 30-item challenge! I didn't realize how many of you would be interested... I've gotten an awesome response! A lot of my friends have approached me too saying they'd love to try it, but weren't sure if they could really narrow it down. It's been pretty easy so far. Granted, I'm maybe only two weeks into it, but this first month is going to be a breeze. I feel way less overwhelmed when I look into my closet, and I like my style a lot more right now. I do think I might have to cheat for one night though... which is our work holiday party coming up. I didn't really incorporate any "fancy" pieces into my wardrobe, because they are hard to mix in day-to-day, so I'll either go with the black dress in my 30-item challenge, or grab something from my second wardrobe in the guest room. We'll see.

Not much else is new! Just the usual of working, spending time at home with Eric, hanging out with friends, life is slow and good right now. I love the slow lane. I could stay here my entire life! Having time to cook meals at night, catch up on my favorite T.V. shows, take Winny for walks, clean the apartment, organize new drawers and go to World Market, just 'cuz. It's the best. :)