35 Pounds!

So, I've lost 35 pounds. Isn't that insane? Honestly. I still can't believe it when I step on the scale. I still can't believe it when I buy size 2 jeans, (that are now too big for me) and when I buy size small tops. I can't believe it when I have to punch extra holes in my belts, or when Brett complains he's fatter than I am. (WHAT? He's the tiniest little creature alive!) or when I can see my shoulder bones, collar bones, spine. It still amazes me that jeans I couldn't fit into 8 months ago, are giant on me now and I've had to donate so much to Goodwill. I think that's why I'm seriously obsessed with fashion and shopping, it's because I've never been able to wear what I want before.

I haven't been this thin since middle school. Honestly. High school was always squeezing into size 4's, averaging 130's. I just still cannot believe how amazing this is. And I mean, it was hard work. I spent an entire semester, tracking every bite I ate (still have my food diary from last January), spending 9:30-10:30 at night at the YMCA working my ass off, and popping 100-calorie popcorn bags before going to the movies. And it sucked. Honestly, it was the worst. But it was worth every second. Every single second. <3