Fall semester

So I'm almost done with my second week of my senior year fall semester, and I'm already absolutely exhausted, but I'm still looking forward to it. I have this huge 6-credit senior interactive production class, where it's a 6-hour class where we "treat it like a job" and have real work to do, and it's nerve-wracking, but I'm going to learn a lot and I really like it. I have some really sweet kids in my class that are just as clueless as I am, so it makes me feel 100x better to relate to people and learn through them. I also have web design 2 (more flash related design, eek! I need to learn!) and imaging for digital media (which is like a living photoshop tutorial!) and my one and only science class for my college career, physics. Physics was the only option for my schedule, but it's actually alright so far. So yeah, brutal semester (18 credits) but it's good for me.

I'm almost done and I cannot wait for graduation next spring. Then, I can get a real career, most likely move (to Chicago, please?) and meet real people my age and make all brand new friends. <3