Plaid days

I'm pretty sure plaid sums up autumn-time. Everybody brings out heir plaid for this season, plus every store you go into right now has plaid. I also had to bring out my knit tights. They were stuffed in the back of my sock drawer. Super excited to start bringing more out more fall and winter items. I am going to East Lansing tomorrow to see Andrea, and cannot wait to go shopping! I already know exactly what I want and can't wait for more posts! Weee!

This last photo is my husband, Brett! I can't believe he let me take a fashion shot! Teehee! He is seriously such a good sport. He takes photos of me all the time, and he never complains about it. Well... maybe once in a while, but it's so cute. He's the best. ps; He's wearing cut-off jean shorts, Van's authentics and a plaid shirt. He is so stylish!

Outfit details:

Target dress
Gap knit tights
Forever21 belt
Urban Outfitters shoes