Tri-Cities historical museum

So Labor Day weekend has been a wee bit boring thus far. We couldn't think of a single thing to do today. We went to the farmer's market this morning and got some fresh vegetables and fruits from our local farmers. Wee! Then we stopped to Great Harvest Bread Co. to get muffins. Then, we decided to walk around a thrift store and go to Brett's parent's to sit around and try to figure out some plans. So, we decided to head over to the Tri-Cities Historical Museum. It's free. It's right downtown Grand Haven on Wash Ave. It was pretty neat, for being free, at least. The president's room was pretty neat, we got to play a "player piano" that was fun! There was a little section devoted to 1920's fashion that I loved!

After that we ate downtown at Downtown Dogs, and headed back to his parents to chat on the couch, and so I could spend my entire life online on, lurking fashion blogs and updating my own.