Gray days

Recently, I've been asked a lot where I get my inspiration for style. I've said that the weather definitely affects my style because I live in a state with four very different seasons. Because in fall, I definitely felt like I looked "fall" and I feel like the seasons and the outdoor atmosphere really affect my mood and how I want to look. Today totally confirmed that thought-process! Winters in Michigan get pretty darn gray. The sun hides, it gets cold, the days are so short. But, this December weather has been pure joy lately. Approximately 47-50 degrees, sunshine peeks out once in a while and no snow yet. That's just crazy! I wonder how I'll dress when the ground is covered with snow. I can't imagine being dressed in all white! Hehe! But I'm totally all grayed out today. Gray jeans, gray top, gray scarf!

This is our new car! Well, Brett's new car but it's technically ours. His Passat died on us. It was in the shop for 7 weeks, the guy didn't do a thing to help us out on it, so when we picked it up we didn't pay a cent for him to look at it because he basically screwed us out of a car for 7 weeks! We were so mad, but we took it to the place where I bought my bug and the guy was amazing and totally helped us get out of that car and into this one. I love it! It's a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee in charcoal, all leather interior, heated seats (but my butt was on fire!) and we really love it. Such a grown-up car!

I have felt so guilty lately not getting fashion shots in! I feel like I'm going to be one of those girls who turn style icon and then never post after that, but I'm definitely not going to be that girl! It's just finals week; it's crazy. My life is absolutely insane right now.. and so stressful. I have so much homework to do this weekend. But thank you all for your support! I'm "Blogger of the Moment" right now on Delightfully Tacky's blog! Go check it out and check out her lovely blog! She's definitely my favorite out there! You can click the picture below to read the interview!

Outfit details:

Forever21 jeans
Forever21 scarf
Forever21 belt
Ralph Lauren wedges