Dove's Girl's Night Out!

Friday night was definitely one of the best nights I can ever remember in my life! I was seriously so blessed to be a part of Dove's Visibly Smooth Girl's Night out, especially thanks to Jessica from What I Wore. I got to meet so many of my favorite bloggers and get to know them a little bit more personally! The party started at The Dove Parlour, which was insanely gorgeous and romantic feeling. All of the bystanders were so annoyed with us because of our constant flashes of photography! We are bloggers, of course we had to document! I loved being with girls who are so much the same as I am! It was amazing. I was all smiles from ear to ear.

Thanks to Andrea for getting a lot of these great shots! Below is Andrea from Blonde Bedhead, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Kim from Crowded Closet. I was so excited to meet both her and Melissa. Such sweethearts!

And of course, I was thrilled to meet Jen from Jen Loves Kev and Julie from Orchid Grey. When they showed up, I didn't even feel the need to introduce myself because I feel like I know them so well already. It was so cute when all the girls were like, "So nice to meet you!" and I was saying, "I feel like I already know you.. so it was so nice to see you!" Haha! Yay for Delightful Dozen girls!

More Delightful Dozen ladies! Loved Jessica, of course, and Erin from Calivintage and Rebecca from The Clothes Horse. You read these girl's blogs on a daily basis and it's so amazing to see them and meet them and have them be exactly how they portray themselves on their blogs. So sweet, stylish and just so pretty. All of them.

This was the limo that showed up to give us our little tour de NYC. We all squealed when it showed up. Hahaha, it was seriously so much fun! I've never done anything like this before! All of the food, drinks, limo service and Dove Visibly Smooth samples were all paid for by Dove. How amazing!

The limo took us to Times Square, which was amazing. I've never been there before and we all got out to take outfit shots and a huge group shot in the middle of the street! Bystanders were even taking photos of us! Haha! It all felt like such a blur. We all got back into the limo to go to Rockefeller Center and to get a few shots there.. and instantly back into the limo again! What a blast!

Outfit details:

ModCloth dress
Forever21 tights
Forever21 headband
Be Hip! by Me Jane jacket
Forever21 wedges