Imagination station

It is absolutely gorgeous outside right now, as we speak, as it has been all day long. I can't believe I spent most of my day inside working and now I'm sitting in class. I'm so glad I didn't have my video class today because I got a few minutes to take a quick bike ride with Brett, play on the imagination station, eat dinner downtown and tour the cutest house ever. It was maybe the best afternoon.. ever! Let me break it down first.. this weather. 78 degrees. In Michigan. In March. That is so nuts, but I'm not complaining at ALL. It's so gorgeous. It's the best feeling in the world when you don't even feel a tiny twinge of cold. Ah!

I styled this romper in the fall, but it was dying to be worn again. A lot of girls said last time they wished they could see the one-shoulder detail, and since today was so gorgeous, I thought I could risk it! And it felt amazing! I still wore a cardigan on our bike ride though. I just got this belt from ModCloth today - and of course, had to wear it the second I tore it out of the box. I love this belt. It's going to go with so many of my outfits. The cream color, and the crocheted style is so lovely. I've been on the hunt for chunkier belts. Now I just need to convince Chandra to let me borrow this one here!

Well, Brett and I grabbed a bite at Downtown Dogs and decided to ride bikes looking for adorable houses in our neighborhood. Well we get back to our cozy little apartment and look two doors down to this yellow house that has been for sale for quite some time. We walk down the road to peak inside the windows and nearly collapse with how adorable this house is. We lurked around outside peaking in all of the windows until a very nice gentleman came outside and said, "Can I help you?" And I was like, "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry we're like lurking outside of your house!" Well it was empty, but he lives next door and is selling this house, so he gave us a tour. It's amazing. It has four bedrooms, a study (basically a library), adorable kitchen, dining room, huge basement (with a CAT door!) and upstairs there is a maid staircase. Brett said he knew as soon as the guy said maid staircase I was sold. If you don't know, I've dreamt about my life in an adorable vintage house with secret doors and passageways. I nearly died looking at this house. So.. Brett and I are going to put an offer down. Tomorrow. ;) (Maybe not really, but seriously maybe?) It's in my neighborhood, still next to our signature railroad tracks... and the year built is unknown (estimated 1900) with a maid staircase and secret mini doors. If I don't have this house.. I'll just die! Haha!

Outfit details:

Forever21 romper
Return of the Mack-Rame Belt c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters cardigan
F-Troupe via Buy Definition Cross Strap Buckle Flat