May showers

April's beautiful flowers bring cold crummy May showers? That's not right, is it? Michigan has it backwards this year! Gosh, was April gorgeous or what. All of those days and nights spent inside a classroom staring at a computer screen where it was 60's and 70's outside with gorgeous warm breezes! Now I'm graduated and my nights are free to roam around in the sunshine, but we are being tortured with insanely cold, low 40's rain and wind! I froze my toosh today taking these on the boardwalk with Brett!

I'm super excited to start taking more routine outfit shots! I have so many clothes in my closet.. they will all probably take me to the very end of June, when I'll need to start switching over to summer clothes. At least I'm set for spring! I've been getting asked a lot lately what I'm planning on for summer - or what my must-have items are. I honestly have no idea! Spring is super easy for me, but for summer, I'll just have to take it a day at a time as I get there, I suppose! I love this little denim like material with a floral mixture dress. It's strapless and has a sweetheart neckline which is so cute, but it was too cold to bare today! I just got the heels last night at DSW for $12!

I figured I better incorporate some new items into my wardrobe or some readers might think I'm boring. I saw a comment on a post where someone said I incorporate the same pieces over and over and over and over. By golly, I wish I could wear new things every single day! But I definitely can't - I have to mix things again and again! So I hope I'm not boring you by wearing this same blazer again - at least the dress and shoes are new! I'm not a fashion magazine with a dispensable income! I'm a blogger - real life, real budget, real wardrobe!

I've done some major damage to my check book lately. I just purchased a new circle chair for our living room, one of those huge vases with wood sticks, another Sims 2 expansion pack, new cell phones, a surprise expense to be debuted soon, and a brand new vacuum cleaner! I vacuumed like a madwoman tonight. I was singing while vacuuming, "Sergeant Death, you ain't got nothing on meeee!" and I turn around and he's staring at me with his evil dark eyes. Oh, the joy of having two black kitties!

Outfit details:

Dance Floral Dress c/o ModCloth
Forever21 blazer
DSW heels