The Blockhouse

I grew up in a town just fifteen minutes north of where I live now, but it's like a different world there. I didn't thoroughly enjoy my time living in Muskegon, so I'm always hesitant to return. I do work there everyday, but it's right off the highway so I go straight there and straight home. Sometimes I'll drive down the main street of the town and be baffled at how much I missed development-wise. I'm just not a huge fan of that town, but it does have some perks. Like this lovely scenic view blockhouse. I've visited this place since I was a kid and rekindled my love for it when I was eighteen and went exploring for it and have returned every year since!

It was built in 1935 and designed as a scenic lookout. If you look south, you see the highest point in the state park, a wooded sand dune. West, you see Lake Michigan! Your viewing distance is about 30 miles. If you look north, you see white oak and white pine 40 to 50 feet high in never ending forests! And if you look east, you see Muskegon Lake, the cities of Muskegon and North Muskegon. It's so interesting to look out four different windows in the same room and see four different worlds.

So this dress is a little short to say the least. A few months ago, I won the "Buy Definition It-Girl Contest" and a $250 gift certificate to their online shop! I picked out my darling cross-strap flats.. and this dress! I love the print, but when I received it.. I had no idea how to style it. It is really short and the sides are open. I didn't know what to wear underneath or over it! It was so tough, so I paired my favorite comfy crop top but I'm sure there are a million better ways to style up this dress, I was just baffled! It's so scandalous! I'm thinking I'm going to try to pawn it off on one of the Delightful Dozen girls to see if they have any luck!

I took a nice little drive down a winding road to the blockhouse. It's been such crummy weather. I just need some summer sunshine! Plus, I was blow drying my hair and all of a sudden, I smelled burning and then my dryer just died! I've had it for years! So my hair is frizz central! Ah, the joys of Michigan humidity. I can't believe next week is the first official week of summer!

Outfit details:

Printed Open Sided Dress via Buy Definition
Forever21 sweater
DSW heels