A country road

I absolutely love heading out to our back country roads for outfit posts. Lake Michigan drive is gorgeous - no matter what season. In fall, the colors are just stunning. I took one of my favorite outfit picturesever taken and it was while I was out trespassing at an old barn last autumn out here. We also found the cutest flower shop ever while driving along this past spring. And now in summer, the corn stalks are so high that we could barely walk through them! Old country roads are just so picturesque!

I felt very "Zooey" today in this dress in her Summer Finn role. The second I saw this dress on Bleubird Vintage, I bought it immediately. I absolutely love the fit, the color, the buttons up the front, and of course my favorite feature - the sleeves. If I had to wear one article of clothing everyday, it would be a sleeved dress. They are so easy. I felt a little guilty for throwing on a dress and walking out the door, but I tried to add a bunch of accessories and what not to this outfit and it wasn't working. Simple was better!

After we grabbed these shots, we went and did a few rituals - flipped through books and magazines at the bookstore. I bought the new Emily Giffin book. She's definitely my favorite author. I started reading her books because I thought her cover art was so well designed (I'm a graphic designer, I judge a book by it's cover!) and I ended up loving her novels. Two of her books are actually set to be made into a movie starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski! (I love Kate Hudson so I squealed with delight when I heard about my favorite book turning into a movie starring her) It's coming out next June, so you have plenty of time to read them - Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Both so great. Especially Something Blue.

I honestly cannot believe it's already July 15th. Summer is flying by. It's basically half way through! And it feels like it just started two weeks ago! I feel like I honestly just graduated a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking time would slow way down when I graduated, but that's not at all the case! Every single day is jam packed and I'm always constantly busy. Not that I'm complaining, I guess.. I love being busy, but I'd love to be busy and for time to slow down. Is that possible? Hehe!

Outfit details:

Bleubird Vintage Joelle Princess Mini Dress
Urban Outfitters wallet
Urban Outfitters wedges