Fourth of July

Fourth of July weekend was such a wonderful summer weekend full of scooting, swimming in Lake Michigan, beach time, BBQing, friends, family, fireworks and perfect weather. You can't ask for anything more! I even got a little color! I'm such a simple person - seriously. Brett and I headed down to the beach and went swimming in the lake - the waves and the temperature was just perfect! I loved it!

I received this dress from Shabby Apple for review. It's a really great dress - I loved the red and white stripes for the fourth! The material was like t-shirt material, so it was so comfortable for scooting and walking around in all day long. It was a bit too long on me though, so I just rolled it up under the waist and belted it with my navy belt. If I wore it down, it wasn't long enough to be a maxi dress - just mid calf length and looked weird because I'm so short, but I found a really easy solution and it stayed up perfect the whole night!

I've introduced you to Peter a couple of times before - but if you're a new reader, Peter is a really great friend of Brett's and mine! When I first started dating Brett, I hung out with him and Peter constantly. This weekend was like a little flashback to four years ago when we'd all hang out downtown and hit up the fireworks, just us three. It was great to have him come stay with us for a couple of days! I love when we have visitors stay in the guest room!

We headed downtown to the perfect location to see fireworks. Brett's parents always lay out blankets and chairs the night before so that we have an awesome place to see the fireworks. I love that I live in a town where you can lay out blankets and chairs and leave them overnight and nothing is ever tampered with the next day. You walk along the boardwalk during the day and see everyone's stuff just laying out waiting for the fireworks. It's awesome! Of course, Grand Haven's fireworks are always great! Hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July!

Outfit details:

Circo Dress c/o Shabby Apple
Thrifted belt
Urban Outfitters flats