Twenty four years

I am officially twenty four years old. Oh my gosh.. that just sounds old. Twenty three was still early twenties! I'm now in that mid-twenties stage. Eeeep! I was laying in bed with Brett last night giggling and telling him to time freeze the last twenty minutes of me being twenty three because I don't want to get any older. Twenty three was such a great year for me - probably the best. I started this blog, I graduated from the most amazing college ever, I got to spend every day with my amazing husband, our first year living in our town.. and I felt like I became me. I'm so excited (yet nervous) to see what twenty four has in store for me. Twenty two, I lost 35 pounds. Twenty three, I graduated from college and started Selective Potential. Twenty four... amazing new career?

For my birthday, I worked. BARF. Who has to work on their birthday? It should be like a national private holiday just for yourself. Afterwards, I came home and walked in the door to a confetti cake filled with twenty four lit candles, baked by my most amazing husband. From him, I'm getting a newly remodeled bathroom and I opened the sweetest card with three coupons inside. "One free week of chores redeemable any week this year!", "Get out of movie free (and if it's Brett's turn to see a man movie, but you want to see some chick flick, use this card.) and one coupon that entitles me to one year of photoshoots without complaints from the photographer. I nearly died. Could I be any luckier? Plus, he finally changed the lightbulb in the hallway. Aw.. I'm married to a genius!

I bought this outfit a week ago.. and it was labeled fall. I'm trying to create a semi-new wardrobe with a little bit less feminine pieces and a little bit more grungy features. Some of my absolute favorite outfits from the past year have been ones where I felt a little bit grungy and not so girly. Some of my florals, my leather wedge boots, my bomber jacket. I want to work in more military inspired pieces, olive greens, deeper colors and stray away from the pinks and more cutesy items this autumn. So, of course, I wore this in the middle of summer. I was like.. it's my birthday.. I'll wear what I want to! Hehe. So yeah, this is my fall, in a nutshell.

Outfit details:

H&M dress
H&M cardigan
H&M ring
Forever21 boots