Duncan's woods

It feels like autumn is so close! I was freezing on my scoot today! I wore my green cardigan over this and was still so cold! You always know summer is ending when the mornings and evenings are chilly and the middle of the day is hot as ever. I never know what to wear - just layers and layers so I can adjust as the day goes on! We get a lake effect from Lake Michigan which keeps us "cool" in the summer and "warm" in the winter. I'm just excited to start wearing some fall items I've been storing in my closet!

When I saw this dress on ModCloth, I had to have it, of course. You guessed it - floral print, a daring back, a sleeved dress and the ballerina/skater style skirt was too perfect to pass up! I absolutely love the way Starr styled it up - I had to give it a go myself! This will be a perfect dress to go right through fall. It's a polyester/spandex dress, so it's unlike any other dress I own, I feel like. Definitely a unique item that I'm excited to style up again! I also couldn't wait any longer to wear these cute little oxford flats from Target - and my square pile on rings that I just got this weekend. I love the look of layered rings.

Phew, I've been pretty busy trying to finish up summer outfits, things on my to-do list and all of my planning for NYFW! I just registered for the IFB Evolving Influence conference after making some very last minute plans. I just booked my flight today - it will be the first time I've ever flown alone (I'm so freaked!) The last time I was in an airplane was for our honeymoon three years ago! I hate flying. My ears pop and I'm all nervous. It just feels so unnatural up there! I'm just going to bring headphones and some magazines and breathe through it. I'm so excited for New York though! Especially to see everyone (especially you, Elizabeth!) and to attend some great events! Two more weeks!

Outfit details:

Never A Wallflower Dress c/o ModCloth
Forever21 rings
Urban Outfitters belt
Target oxfords