Pictured and Black Rocks

Alright, alright! This is my last post of scenic photos and ramblings about my trip to the upper peninsula! I hope I haven't bored all of you yet! Yesterday was our last day. We woke up early to make the 10 AM boat cruise out to see Pictured Rocks up close and personal from the lake! We secured a spot upstairs on the open deck and headed out along the shoreline! It was amazing. I saw a glimpse of the rocks from our hotel and from the shipwreck cruise, but not up close and personal like we did on this boat! It was very rough seas though and I was feeling so sick, but it was worth it! This first photo is called Indian Head. See the head coming out from the rocks?

The caves were amazing. The water was so green! The water kept spraying over the boat as the waves hit. Brett was loving it as I had my head on his shoulder clutching my stomach. Ha ha! I don't have my sea legs, apparently! After our cruise, we headed out right away to Marquette, Michigan! We were not expecting an urban setting in the upper peninsula! It was so different compared to Paradise and Munising. We really enjoyed exploring the little downtown area. We couldn't figure out what this giant thing was! We found out later that it's an ore dock used to put iron ore onto ships! That's what most of the shipwrecks were hauling when they sunk in Lake Superior! Iron ore!

After grabbing some pizza downtown, we drove out to Presque Isle park! We saw some pictures and videos of people cliff jumping, so we headed out to do that but it was quite chilly and the water would have been so cold! We couldn't really find a good spot, so we ended up just walking out on the rocks and looking at the views instead of cliff jumping! Black Rocks was really pretty. We loved walking out onto the rocks. The upper peninsula is so different from the lower peninsula - it's just crazy!

I wore my sea-faring blouse courtesy of Spotted Moth! I loved it for the trip. Although I'm a terrible sailor! The sleeves are very loose, butterfly-like sleeves and I love the zipper detail up the front! Paired with a simple skirt and flats for climbing aboard our boat and hiking up rocks to see gorgeous views of Lake Superior. The upper peninsula is truly a magical place! Alright, now.. back to the daily grind! I have only a few short weeks left to get the rest of my summer outfit posts done.. and to get ready for fall!