NYC in the day

Saturday, I had some time during the day to roam the city! I set off on foot from our hotel making my way down 9th Ave. I stopped to a Starbucks to pick up my favorite pumpkin spice latte with soy over ice. Mm! I couldn't easily make plans with bloggers because I honestly had no idea where I was or how to get there! West Village, East Village, Lower East Side, Soho, etc., etc... I'm so totally lost. Well anyway, Kim gave me exact cross streets so I was able to catch a cab and meet up with her, Melissa and Terra!

I am very simply dressed for roaming around. My feet are honestly destroyed. Flats are the only way! We roamed around a few boutiques, stopped into Urban Outfitters and I didn't buy anything! I don't know how I did it - but I did! And we stopped for a quick beverage at some cute place. I should have jotted down notes to everywhere I went because now.. a few days later.. I have no clue. I just roam! I had a great time with the girls though! Thanks for entertaining me for an afternoon in NYC!

I made a tumblr... no idea what the purpose is yet. I'm thinking additional outfits that didn't make the post, out-takes, more Brett photos, music I'm listening to, inspiration, stuff that isn't blog-worthy? Add me if you'd like! This blog is still my #1 main focus, of course! The tumblr is just a supplement to the blog!

Outfit details:

Express top
Urban Outfitters skirt
Urban Outfitters bag
Urban Outfitters flats