The Guy Behind The Camera: 11th Edition!

Welcome to the 11th edition of Guy Behind the Camera! I'm super excited to showcase five more lovely bloggers and their guys that help them take their photos! It's insanely awesome having Brett around to take my photos - and I knew other girls out there felt the same, so I started this feature! First, we have Danielle from Antiquated Treasures. Her boyfriend, Corey, and her have been dating for over two years. He is her best friend in the entire world and their blog photo shoots usually end in them laughing until they can hardly breathe. Whenever she has to shoot her own photos, she says they never come out as good as when Corey helps out. When it comes to fashion, they are polar opposites and he thinks 95% of her wardrobe is a giant joke - but she wouldn't have it any other way. It helps keep her grounded! (So true!)

Next, we have Mara from M Loves M. If you read Mara's blog, you know all about her and her fiancee, Matthew, because her blog is called... M Loves M. Hehe! She feels he really does deserve a special shout-out for being such a wonderful fiancee and photographer extraordinaire. They've been together for over two years. She loves how he always makes her feel so beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera. He understands she loves to express herself through her outfits and has been so supportive of this aspect of her blog. She couldn't do it without him.. well, she could, but the pictures wouldn't be half as nice and she wouldn't look half as happy! Aw!

Third, we have Estefany from Helmet Head. Her boyfriend's name is Peter and they've been together since they were in the 11th grade in high school, which is over 4 years now. They've known each other since 6th grade - and she always wonders why they didn't become a couple earlier, but she knows that good things come for those who wait. He is her soulmate, she says. They have so many things in common, especially music. They enjoy going to shows together to watch their favorite bands perform. She loves having her best friend as her boyfriend. Plus, he cooks for her! Peter takes all of her photos for her - sometimes he hates it, sometimes he loves it, sometimes she has to bribe him - but in the end she knows he likes taking her photos because those are the times when they can hang out as a couple!

Next up, we have Vicki from Magpie Girl! Her boyfriend's name is Dave - and she loves him because not only does he take all of her photos for her blog. Even when she gets grumpy if they don't come out the way she planned or when too many people are out and about and she gets self conscious. But he supports her in everything she does and gets just as excited as she does when she thinks up new ideas for her blog. He is her one and only and she doesn't know where she'd be without him! So sweet.

Lastly, we have Molly of Chimerically Yours. She wanted to submit her boyfriend (aka her blog photographer extraordinaire) to the feature because her boyfriend is literally the only reason she can put together a respectable fashion blog. They've been together for three years - he's her best friend in the world and one of the most idealistically romantic people she's ever met. Both features are a must, of course, but really, not enough can be said for spending the day together playing all of their favorite video games and taking a little walk up to Edinburgh Castle with fresh local strawberries and a bottle of champagne (fantastic ensemble included!) It's a combo that suits them well. It's like Star Wars and Titanic had a love child and it was their relationship (haha!) He makes her feel confident, feminine and comfortable in her blog photos - and his artistic concepts for a shoot are always evolving and thus, improving the heck out of her blog! She couldn't do it without him!

Well, that's it for the 11th edition of Guy Behind the Camera. If you would like to submit you and your guy, please email me at with your name, your blog URL, a photo of you, a photo of him and a brief description on why you'd like to showcase your guy! If you enjoyed reading this feature, be sure to check out the first 10 editions! I'll be back in December with five more lovely ladies!