The Dierolf's 4th Annual Christmas Party!

Friday night, Brett and I held our 4th annual Christmas party! We had it at our friend Jeremy's house instead of our apartment this year. The majority of our friends live in the city, so it just seemed better. I work there, so it was super easy to just head there after work and get ready for the party. Plus, I don't care if people spill things on Jeremy's carpet. Hahaha, I'm evil. ;]

Since my Christmas spirit is non-existent this year, I didn't even dress up! I wore some black jeans and a flannel, ordered pizza for food instead of cooking and the only reason Jeremy's house was decorated was because my amazing husband showed up with tons of decorations. Thank goodness someone is feeling the holiday season this year! I mean, look at that sweater.. you really have to be feeling Christmas to wear that ugo thing!

I really did have a great time though. It was probably the best out of the four we've had - maybe it was because I didn't put so much time and energy into it to have fun? I don't know. It's been a super fun tradition - something we've done every single year since we've been married. I want to carry on the tradition for years. I can't believe next year will be the 5th annual. That's just insane.

There was definitely some male nudity (my husband was way too classy to participate) and some down-right belly laughs. That picture of Peter seriously cracks me up - we all had tears from laughing. We did our white-elephant exchange and I ended up with this horrendous golf-bag trash can with three boxes of mac & cheese. Haha! So awful.

So yeah, super great party this year. We have the best group of friends. I have so much fun. It's been really great because I've never really had a "group of friends" before that were all friends for years, so it's refreshing to stay friends with the same people and all watch each other change and get older. I wouldn't change these people for the world. Now I'm super excited to spend new year's eve with friends. I can't believe how soon the holidays are! Jeez!