Dutch bridge

These photos were taken before the snow hit our town! Last Sunday, it was actually quite nice outside. Brett and I took a drive over to Holland and over to Windmill Island. We were there last spring when all of the tulips were in bloom and it was insanely gorgeous - but really busy. It was fun to visit the island with not a soul around! It was super easy to grab photos with nobody in the background!

I'm glad I wore my last really autumny-outfit before snow hit. I don't know why but I feel kind of strange dressing in autumn colors when there is snow on the ground. I guess it's just my habit of having to dress for the seasons. I'm so predictable. Winter is definitely the hardest season for me. I really need to get creative and find some inspiration to pull me through these next few months! This month is easy because of holiday parties and Christmas coming up - but after that - eep! January and February are tough, especially because I hate being freezing cold.

How do the rest of you feel about dressing "autumn" or "spring" in winter? I know I'll still be able to wear florals, but they'll have to be certain colors. I'm trying to gain inspiration from myself from last winter. I think this is still my favorite winter outfit from last year. I'm liking how my hair had more blonde in it too! Hmm, I think after the holidays I'll try to touch it up! I'm so scared to get my hair colored - I swear it never turns out how you want! Well, anyway. Have a great weekend everyone!

Outfit details:

Forever21 jacket
Pumpkin Spice Sweater Dress c/o Ruche
Tights for Every Occasion in Lunch Date c/o ModCloth
Regal Boots c/o Wanted