Meetup with The Velvet Bird

Hi everyone! I've had the busiest week of my life and it's almost midnight and I'm totally zonked, but I had to pop in real quick and give you an update of my meet up with Vanessa from The Velvet Bird! Vanessa is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Her husband is touring right now and she's along for the ride! I'm so jealous how she is able to meet up with so many lovely bloggers, already three girls from the Delightful Dozen alone! Lucky girl. Brett and I met up with her and her husband, his band and some of their friends for a thai dinner! We dropped the boys off to the show and went for coffee and talked blogging and marriage. We hit it off right away and I already consider her an amazing friend. So fun. Now before my face falls on the keyboard from exhaustion, I'm going to sign off here. Thanks everyone for tuning into my radio segment today (it was local and only 10 minutes, so you didn't miss much if you missed it!) but it was such a rush. Okay, phew. Have a great Friday everyone!

ps: It was freezing! There was no way we were taking off our coats. Where is spring, Michigan?!