The Big Strawberry

On my drive home each night, I have to get off the highway and head on a sort-of country road to get back to our town, right on the beach. Well, I was scouring the earth for spring flowers (I see so many popping up!) and I spotted The Big Strawberry! I was like... how had I not noticed this before? It's amazing! It's just a super old barn, with nothing inside but hay, but it's called The Big Strawberry. So, of course, I grab photos with my bright red tights!

I tried looking online to see what this might have been at one point, but I can't find any information! Someone said it was probably a strawberry farm a long time ago. I know we have lots of blueberry fields on this road, but I didn't know of any strawberry fields. I'm always fascinated by the dorkiest things and probably spent way too much time tonight googling this barn.

I received this lace dress from my darling friend Kate from Postcards From and totally imagined myself frolicking in a field of flowers when I first tried it on, but I thought maybe I'd go bold and instead pair it with some red tights and dark accessories! I love this little bow belt, but I don't have any shoes to match, so that was definitely a challenge. I grabbed my darkest pair of boots and they still are a bit off on color! I love the brown color of this belt, so I'd love to find some shoes to match!

Currently I'm over my head in projects, but life is really great! The weather is finally starting to perk up and with the last couple of days having major rain, all of the trees have buds and everything is turning so green. I absolutely love it. It makes my life complete. I'm a summer child - born in July - and I thrive on Michigan summers! I have the biggest plans for this summer too. It's going to be goooood!

Outfit details:

Dress swap with Postcards From
Touch of Sweetness Belt c/o Shop Ruche
Target red tights
Seychelles boots via Gilt Groupe