The Gateway City

Brett and I have been talking about it for a while, so I suppose it's not totally spontaneous, but... this weekend we took a last-minute trip to St. Louis, MO! We actually ate dinner with my parents, got home around 8 PM and were like, "Wanna go to St. Louis?" I had some major trepidation at first, but we did it! It was so much fun. One of those weekends Brett and I will look back on in fifty years and laugh about, you know?

We drove about 5 hours on Friday and stopped in Bloomington, IL to stay the night. Brett and I always complain at each other every night before bed that our full bed just isn't enough, so a king-size bed is such an amazing treat. Haha! The next morning, we headed out toward St. Louis! We were so excited to see the arch as we approached the city! We both have never seen it before and it's so amazing.

For the first part of the day, we spent it at City Museum. We've heard amazing things, so we had to experience it for ourselves. It was like... Brett and Tieka paradise. We were seriously in love. It's basically a playground for adults and kids! There was a cave you could crawl into every nook and cranny, you could climb up into this tree house, through these tunnels, up and down, people crawling in the ceiling... it was so awesome. We took this 10-story slide down and I just giggled the entire time. Outside was a madhouse, people crawling through tunnels in the sky! Best museum ever!

After the museum, we visited the arch and were just in awe. It's amazing. It's definitely something everyone has to see in their lifetime. We were also just so grateful for the weather. To leave Michigan at it's 38 degree snow/rain slush to 84 degrees and sunny/windy in St. Louis was a dream come true. We walked all around downtown, explored the city garden and ate pizza for dinner. I marveled over every flower... it was like we jumped into the future of spring!

After walking around, we decided to go back to the arch for a while. It was just too amazing not to spend more time there. We just laid on the grass and stared up at it for a while. I just kept thinking about how for years to come, Brett and I will always remember this trip.

So our weekend in St. Louis was just perfect. I loved it. It was the first time for both of us to be in Missouri... to see the Mississippi river... to see the arch... to slide down an indoor 10-story slide and crawl through the craziest tunnels ever. The drive on Sunday home was even fun! We drove the entire 8 hours home with the windows down, 84 degrees? I mean, seriously? Too good to be true.

Outfit details:

Gap black jeggings
Target black shoes
Forever 21 top
Forever 21 sunnies
B Hip! by Me Jane bomber jacket