Meet the band

Blog readers, meet the band! I wanted to grab a few shots for our website and I thought it would be fun to post a few of us. I was actually supposed to take an outfit shot this day and didn't, so you also get a peek at an extra outfit! We're recording tomorrow, so we're having a sleepover tonight. We're banging out the final details right now and the guys go into the studio tomorrow to work on drums and guitar, while I head off to work! I don't go into the studio until Saturday for vocals!

You guys have seen this character lurking around my blog once or twice...

It's crazy thunderstorms here right now! The sky is going nuts and yet it's only 37 degrees.What the heck, April? This weather is crazy awful. I'm so mad that this exact time last year I was outside with bare legs and it was 80 degrees outside! I was stuck in my senior classes whereas now I have all of the free time in the world to go out and explore and I can't because it's so yucky outside. Booo.

Outfit details:

Limited cardigan
Express black tee
Urban Outfitters floral skirt
Urban Outfitters brown belt
Target black tights
Urban Outfitters t-strap heels