Pink blossoms

Swoon... everything is finally in bloom! I'm in love. I've waited so long for this! I've hoarded so many floral dresses in my closet and have dreamt about the day I'd be able to pose in front of blooming trees! I'm loving how it's still light out at 8:30! The days are getting so long! Summer is on the way!

I RSVP'ed today to the Randolph Street Market in Chicago for Memorial Day weekend! I'll be going with Andrea from Blonde Bedhead and Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage. Anyone else going? There is a blogger happy hour on Friday, a blogger breakfast and a full day of fun at the market on Saturday! I'll be excited to head to Chicago for a couple of days, to see Andrea and finally meet Veronika and then afterwards Veronika is going to stay in Michigan for the rest of the weekend. So excited. If you're going to any of the events, let me know!

I was recently featured on the ModCloth blog along with Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee wearing our amazing Style Oasis blazer, so be sure to check that out! I also have an upcoming feature with Forever 21 next week, so I'll keep you guys updated on that. I stopped into the store tonight to pick up some cute red shorts for summer and got so excited thinking I'll be on their blog. How fun is that?

Is it absolutely crazy that I just cried over a Google Chrome commercial? Oh my gosh... seriously. Dear Sophie. Have you guys seen it? It's about a dad that starts writing his baby girl an email for every 'big event' in their life and how he can't wait to someday share it with her. Oh my goshhhhhhhhh. TEAR!!! It kills me! I totally start crying at the part where she's crying on that ride and the 'You wanted to name him salt.' part. So good.

Outfit details:

Traveling chanteuse dress c/o ModCloth
Forever 21 belt
Jessica Simpson dany heels