On the green grass

Helloooo! It's been a hop and a scotch since I last did an outfit post! Hm, did that even make sense? Probably not, but you know, that's how I roll. Mmmmmhmmmm. Anyway, yes. I'm hyper and distracted tonight! I'm sure you'll be able to tell by my crazy Tiek faces in these photos! Tiek faces, hehehe! If you've never met me, just know, I'm probably the weirdest, silliest person ever with my very own language, Tieklish. Oh boy!

These are the nights I adore being a fashion blogger. Perfect lighting, amazing temperatures, a pretty backdrop, a twirly dress, granny tapestry wedges, a mediocre hair day, a decent makeup day. All of those add up to a pretty great fashion blogger day, if you ask me! It's the troof. Plus, I'm feeling on top of it! I worked all day, then worked out at the gym afterwards, took outfit shots and here I am! Posting before 11 PM! Woot, woot!

The amazing Asian iCandy sent me over this dress to twirl about in! It's so pretty and unlike anything else I own. I love the sheer overlay, along with a built in slip underneath. I swear so many of my dresses are see-through and it's buggin. This is perfect... and I love the detailing at the top. I can only imagine the fun I'll have in this dress when autumn approaches. Crunchy leaves are my best friend. They smell good too.

Whelp, I just redesigned my Tumblr. I'm a slacker Tumblr user, but I figured I could start posting some stuff on there again. I was thinking of posting more weight loss/fitness stuff over there because I get a lot of comments and Formspring questions on it. Would you guys be interested in that? I'm seriously not the person to turn to for diet and fitness advice (my favorite food is chicken fingers and double fries) but I mean... I did lose 35 pounds. Gained 10 back, but you know... that's still 25 lost. And now I'm working on those pesky 10. (Bite me, 10!)

Outfit details:

Korean Style lace dress c/o Asian iCandy
Urban Outfitters belt
Fine Furnishings wedge c/o ModCloth