Renegade Craft Fair

On my way home from fashion week, I flew into Chicago and Brett picked me up to take me home. I knew Elsie and Rachel from Red Velvet would be in town for the Renegade Craft Fair, so I had to make a pit stop to see them! I was so excited when I saw their booth! It was so fun to see all of the cute dresses, accessories, clutches and paintings I see online all the time. Plus, they were both the sweetest and I absolutely loved getting the chance to finally meet them.

Brett and I loved the Renegade Craft Fair. It was the first one we've ever been to and everything was amazing. Brett loved all of the screen printing booths - t-shirts, bags, everything! We were so amazed at this "young people" version of a craft fair. I wonder if when we're old the craft fairs will all be like this one!

I also got a really cute dress, clutch and turban from Red Velvet to pass around to the girls in the Delightful Dozen. I'm so excited to see how the girls will style them up. I'm honestly so inspired by Elsie and Rachel (and the whole Red Velvet team!) They are so accomplished and work so hard to make their goals and dreams a reality! Brett was laughing because I was so over the moon to see them. My next goal is to make it to the shop in Springfield, MO!