Gravity Hill

This weekend, I went with three of my closest friends to explore a local legend in Michigan! I was reading in one of my books about this place called Gravity Hill and when I was heading north, I knew we had to stop there to check out the phenomenon. It was such a crazy experience watching the scenery go by in the wrong direction as we rolled up hill! We stopped at the bottom of the hill, put our car in neutral and took our foot off the gas pedal and we literally rolled up hill. We laughed the entire way and had to do it three times!

We literally swore our car was being pushed by invisible forces! And speedily! By the time we reached the top of the hill, we had to brake to keep the car from going through the intersection! Local legends say that the Blaine Christian Church on the top of the hill drags sinners upward towards its doors! Uh oh!

We drove all along these back country roads to find Putney Corners and as soon as we spotted the church, we knew we were there! Who knew such adventure was in the middle of nowhere, right? So much fun.

We had such a fun day exploring this spot and taking a drive to Sleeping Bear Dunes. It has been the perfect autumn weather this weekend. We're supposed to have our Indian summer this week - high 60's and low 70's all week. I'm seriously so excited. This is my favorite time of the entire year.

Outfit details:

Zigzag Shift dress c/o Sosie
T.J. Maxx mauve tights
Forever 21 belt
Nice floral flats c/o Shop Ruche