The Porkies

We had an amazing time in the Porcupine Mountains this past weekend. Before I dive into the full posts, I thought I'd post a quick snapshot of our weekend. It's such a different world up there! There can be times where you turn off a side road, walk down a little trail and come across the most beautiful waterfall. It's just amazing. We'd walk a half mile and come across an insane view of the mountains and Lake Superior. It was a relaxing and adventurous weekend, just what we both needed!

We had major culture shock up there though! We had no service on our phones for most of the trip. We were both so thrilled to find a gas station that wasn't closed and most of them looked like gas pumps right out of the 1950s! There were times when we'd be like… seriously, what do we eat? We walked into a building that looked completely abandoned and ate at a tiny pizza place that was still open. Everybody, and I mean everybody, knew each other. We'd be sitting in a restaurant and someone would walk in and say hi to everyone by their first name, like they all knew each other their entire lives! And in their Yooper accents! We loved it. Brett had a really great accent by the time we left on Sunday. I couldn't stop giggling. Say Yah to da U.P., eh?

We explored a copper mine for three hours on Saturday. We had hard-hats with lights and we even repelled 80-feet down into the second level of the mine! It was pitch black in there and the mine had over 25,000 bats. We saw hundreds! I'll be posting more on our trip this week and next! I'm so excited to show some of the beautiful photos we took. Not a lot of people get to experience this part of the upper peninsula (it's WAY up there) and I'm really excited I can share it through my blog.