Christmas wish list

1. Aveda Elemental Nature Facial 2. Canon t2i remote 3. Heart ring by Scape on Etsy 4. Bonlook Urban Dandy glasses 5. Goodrich Quality Theaters gift certificates 6. ModCloth With All My Heart tote 7. ModCloth Woodsy Wonderland coat 8. Something Borrowed on DVD 9. ModCloth Scooter Around dress 10. Marc Jacobs Huge Hobo Hillier bag 11. Jeffrey Campbell Safety heels 12. RadLab

Yay! December is here. As soon as December 1st hits, I'm so pumped up for the holidays. I wouldn't even let myself listen to Christmas music until today. But from here until the 25th, I'll be going nuts! In celebration of the month beginning, I thought I'd put together a wish list for this year. Emphasis on the wish, since some of these items are expensive! It's fun to dream a little around the season, right? I'd love to see some of your wish lists, so if you have one, comment with a link to it! Have a great weekend!