Ambassador Adventure with Adobe

I'm so excited to announce that I'm teaming up with Adobe this summer to promote their photo-editing program, Photoshop Elements! I'm constantly toying around in Photoshop to get the perfect effect with my photos for the blog, so this seemed like a perfect fit. Plus, it ties in with the graphic designer in me... so I'm really looking forward to this collaboration. I'll be blogging about Elements for the next few months and I can't wait to share everything I learn.

Photography is a huge part of my life, and obviously, my blog. It's been a driving force for my content. I've never considered myself a "writer", so having quality photos really got my blog to be where it is today. I'm constantly carrying around my camera, annoying my friends with taking too many photos and killing time until the lighting is juuuust perfect. Although I don't consider myself a professional photographer, I love photos and especially editing them.

For my camera, I use a Canon t2i Rebel. I have a couple of different lenses I use, but I primarily stick with my kit lens and it takes great photos. My biggest trick to having unique and interesting photos is honestly over-using my Photoshop skills. (Thanks, college!) But seriously... I'm a huge fan of Photoshop actions and using pre-existing ones I've downloaded or ones I've created myself. I'm really excited to see how Elements will compare to some of the knowledge I already have with Photoshop.

All of the photos on my blog hold so many amazing memories from my life, so I strive to make them perfect and something I'm truly proud of and excited to look back on. I'm looking forward to seeing how Elements will make them even better. I know this is going to be a fun learning experience for me. Especially since change is a pretty big part of my life right now, this is the perfect motivator for me to continue to create amazing photos and content for this blog. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with you guys! Be sure to follow along with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (username: teekuh) as I share my experience this weekend!

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