Circle Maybe EP Launch

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to announce the launch of Circle Maybe's new EP, The Place That I Called Home. We wrote these songs over the past year and I've been looking forward to finally releasing them. We've gone through a lot of change in this band over the past few months, but we're still a band because we're all amazing friends and have a ton of fun playing together. Also, meet our new bass player, Damian! He's an old friend of ours and it's been a perfect fit. I love all of these guys so much and I'm happy this band allows me to spend so much time with them.

You can download the new EP for free over at our Bandcamp. We also have new t-shirts for sale at our store. Also, if you're in Grand Rapids, be sure to head out to a show and say hi! We're playing a huge show tonight with The Menzingers, Luther and Homelife at The Pyramid Scheme. It starts at 7:00 PM and it's $12.00 at the door.