December wishlist

I'm loving this month so far! It's so beautifully snowy outside today. All day at work, it looked like we were in a snow globe. If winter is going to be here, I want it to be like this. Perfection. While sipping on some hot cocoa, I rounded up all of my favorite items for this month! I really love black, white, army green, brown and red this month. I'm very much into aztec prints, buffalo plaid and stripes. For winter boots, I love these Sorel boots from PlanetShoes. They would be perfect to tromp around the snow in! I have so many suede ones that cannot be worn outside right now, so I need to invest in a pair like this. My main goal in winter is to be comfortable! But it's nice to look cute along the way. ;) What are you guys into this month?

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Frozen pond

This last weekend was a cold and snowy one! Even though it's brutally freezing outside, I'm really loving this weather. I feel like for the past few years we haven't had a white Christmas. It looks like we're going to have one this year, for sure. It just makes the whole season feel more "in spirit". I love it! On this particular day, Eric and I headed to the grocery store to pick up our groceries for the week, and stopped to grab a bagel sandwich. After that, I got straight into my pajamas at home and watched Christmas movies all day!

I said last year that I think blue is my favorite winter color. It always looks pretty against the white snow. I went for a blue-themed outfit, pairing my new polka dot top with my blue blazer and chunky scarf from Peony Knits. I've been dressing simple lately - mostly just trying to stay warm! I do find though that if I wear a dress with tights, and knee-high sweater socks, I'm warmer than when I wear jeans!

Not much else is new! We had our work holiday party last Friday, and I had so much fun with coworkers. Saturday and Sunday was spent mostly watching Christmas movies. I also baked a batch of my favorite Christmas cookies! I'll be posting the recipe soon. It was the perfect, cozy weekend. Next weekend, we have a friends Christmas party, a trip to the world's largest Christmas store, and after that it's basically Christmas! This month is going to fly… and I'm so excited for it!

Outfit details:

Mock Trial President Jacket ℅ ModCloth (similar)
J Brand Jeans
Chunky Cowl Scarf in Blue ℅ Peony Knits
JCP Dot Denim Shirt
Gable Tan Ankle Boots ℅ Duo

Saturday Style with HauteLook

Have you guys ever heard of HauteLook? It's a free, members-only site owned by Nordstrom that offers designer products up to 75% off! I'm collaborating with them today to style up one of their items I scored (this amazing Levi's jacket) and to showcase a few of my favorite product picks currently on the site. This Levi's jacket has been a staple for me this winter already! It was over $200 originally, and I got it for $75! Major score. You can sign up here to find out about their latest sale events on the best fashion, home, and beauty brands.

A few of my favorite products right now on HauteLook are these brown short boots, black Betsy Johnson tote, orange striped sweater and this pendant necklace. Be sure to head over and check it out! I love scrolling through every day to check out their newest brands and sale events. Also, sorry about the semi-blurry photos! Insane fog, no sunshine, tripod, no remote, no Eric = blurry, stressed Tieka. Haha! Is it spring yet? ;)

This was sponsored by HauteLook.

Outfit details:
Levi's 4-Pocket Parka ℅ HauteLook
Forever21 sweater (similar)
Artist Demi Boot in Black/Purple ℅ Wolverine 1000 Mile

Hart Christmas Tree Farm

Last weekend, we headed up to Rockford to cut down our christmas tree at Hart Christmas Tree Farm! Eric and I came here last year to get a wreath, but it was so much colder so we ended up getting our tree at the farmers market. But this year it was super nice outside! We had a light blanket of snow left on the ground from our Thanksgiving blizzard, but most of it had melted and the sun was quite warm! I felt totally fine in my denim jacket. We headed out with two of our best friends, Kate & Mehre, to chop down a tree!

I was so excited when Hannah of The Braided Bandit reached out to me about styling up an item from her Etsy shop. She recently left her full-time job to focus on her vintage shop, and it was well worth it! Her shop is full of adorable items, and all things she personally loves herself… and it's so well curated. I spotted several things I'd love to have styled up, but this dress totally popped out to me. I love the black/red plaid and the long sleeves and buttons were perfect! Especially for winter. Be sure to head over to her shop and check it out! I'm also obsessed with this floral babydoll dress.

We got our tree back to the city successfully, and now our apartment smells like a pine heaven and feels so cozy! We put up all of our lights and decorations and I love it. I've been watching ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas" non-stop too. So far I've watched Scrooged (one of my absolute favorites), The Santa Clause, and While You Were Sleeping. I have so many more on my list though… Grumpy Old Men, The Holiday, Serendipity, Holiday Inn, The Family Man, the list goes on. Yes, I'm a chick flick nerd. ;)

Do you have any traditions when it comes to your Christmas tree? I've cut down my own for several years now! I really can't imagine it any other way, but I'm also a little envious of the adorable white/pink trees I keep seeing on Instagram. Everyone has such great decorating ideas! I'm especially in love with a tree I saw that was green, with craft-paper ornaments and white twinkle lights. Totally simple. Our tree this year has multi-colored lights with every decoration we had in our holiday box. It's a packed tree! I'll share some photos soon. :)

I really hope our snow comes back! It was in the 50s today and rainy. Gross. December is the only month I care to have snow… so yeah, c'mon Michigan! We have my company holiday party this weekend, which I'm looking forward to. Next weekend, I'm hoping to take a trip to Frankenmuth to visit the world's largest Christmas store, eat a traditional chicken dinner and do a little shopping at Birch Run! I loooove that little town. I'm really excited for a holiday-themed day of adventure. I miss taking little day/weekend trips!

Outfit details:

Plaid dress ℅ The Braided Bandit
Forever21 Distressed Denim Jacket
Gold Tree Pendant ℅ Outfit Additions
Old Navy boots (similar)

Final days of autumn

Well, that was a much-needed four day weekend! I loved every second. On Wednesday night, I got Eric and I tickets to go see one of his favorites, John Mayer. We found out his sister and brother were going with their spouses, so we all car-pooled together downtown! It was super fun. JM isn't my favorite personally (sorry fans!) but I really did enjoy it. Thursday, we went to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving. It was so delicious, and relaxing! We had some insane blizzards though. It was nuts. It looked like a pure winter wonderland outside. Now it's all melted and semi-warm outside. Ah, Michigan.

For Black Friday, we went out to brave some of the shopping crowds. We didn't even end up buying anything on sale - ugh. I did pick up this cardigan from Forever21 though. I'm trying to scheme up ways to get through the winter on this blog… and I've decided the only way is through huge blanket-like cardigans, scarves, leggings, knee-high socks and boots. Tons, and tons, and tons of layers. I'll just look like the Michelin man in all of my photos. It's cool.

We also went to see Catching Fire on Friday. I really enjoyed it! Friday night, we met up with some friends for drinks at the most festive dive bar in town. Saturday, we literally sat around the apartment all day long finishing the Breaking Bad series. Oh my gosh. Seriously, what a show. So damn good. Sunday, we went and cut our tree down (post coming soon), decorated for Christmas and celebrated Thanksgiving with Eric's family during the evening. It was a great, busy weekend. I love this time of year! And now our apartment smells like heaven from our tree, and feels so cozy with the lights.

My sweet boyfriend has decided to grow out his hair and beard… so he's full on mountain man right now. Anytime I lean in for a kiss, I get a mustache. And I die anytime he eats something specific. Like when I made cinnamon rolls on Saturday, and the icing was just stuck in his beard. Oh, Eric. I really do love you. ;)

Outfit details:

Forever21 Folk Girl Fringed Cardigan
Forever21 dress (similar)
Forever21 belt (similar)
Antique Gold Bird Skull Necklace ℅ Accessory Fanatic
Ruche socks (similar)
Regal Boots ℅ Wanted

November in Instagram

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November has been a great (and busy!) month. I had a lot of fun plans, which was awesome. Especially because I got to spend all of them with amazing people. Productivity-wise, I wasn't quite there this month. I didn't do half the blog posts I was supposed to do (darn daylight savings ending) and so that means I need to work a little bit harder in December to get where I want to be. But! I can't complain about good memories with friends and family this month though. Nothing beats that, right?

  • I did a month-long collaboration in styling outfits with Frances Jaye!
  • I hosted an amazing weekend with local bloggers and Maurices right here in GR.
  • Eric joined me for a holiday style post; I love him entirely too much.
  • I celebrated three-years at my job with this gal. I'm so thankful to have my career.
  • We spent a night with Samantha Pleet! Talk about a dream, right?
  • I hosted a holiday event at Frances Jaye!
  • We said goodbye to autumn with lots of snow…
  • We hosted a huge Friendsgiving celebration at our apartment.
  • And we celebrated Thanksgiving with family, and snow flurries! Ah!

In November, I did great with finances paying off a credit card, and starting a savings account for a house down-payment. I want to continue building on our savings in December, going through the apartment and organizing before the new year, to finish reading a book, to get completely ready to start kicking butt on goals for the new year. I know it's so cliche to rely on starting big goals as new year's resolutions… but I've had huge success with it in the past, so I know it just works for me. It just feels like a legitimate fresh start for whatever corny reason. I'm so ready for the new year to begin! But in the meantime, I'm excited to enjoy the holidays this month. I really do love this time of year.