New Found Glory

It didn't rain today! Alert the masses! I've been in love with using scarves as shawls instead of cardigans just recently. I've run out of cardigans and needed something else to spice up my closet. It keeps my arms warm, and it opens up lots of possibilities for autumn! Come winter, I'll definitely have to start investing in some more cardigans but for now I'm content! We snapped a few shots in downtown GR before heading over to the show.

We got dinner at The Grand Coney (it's been forever!) and then went over to The Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids for the mini NFG tour before they hit their real big tour with Dashboard Confessional. Our really good friends, Kaline, opened up for them. They did such a great job. They are such a great band; definitely the best pop punk in GR! After that, Fallen from the Sky and Title Fight played (very good!) and then New Found Glory headlined the show, which was awesome. They played a really unique set where they didn't write up a set-list, but instead took requests from the audience and they played over 20 songs! I loved seeing lots of friends in one place for a super great show. It was our friend, Tim's, birthday. Happy 22nd, Tim!

Adored seeing Brenna, per usual. She's the sweetest friend.

I'm pretty sure Jordan is looking right at me for this one. Nice!

I put together a little playlist of my favorite NFG songs. If you haven't heard them before, check them out. I've adored this band since I was fourteen years old. 9 years ago! Holy cow, I'm getting to be an old lady.

Outfit details:

Express tee
Target tights
Target scarf
Forever21 skirt
Sam & Libby flats