Winter evergreens

I've been so excited to finally post these photos! A couple of weekends ago, Brett and I met up with two amazing photographers, Bryan and Mae (husband and wife to be!) We had planned on a wintry photo session with Brett and I and were so lucky to get all sorts of fun weather. We started the morning with a few blizzards and ended the session with sunshine. It was the perfect winter morning to spend outdoors giggling with Brett!

It was really fun to style up and plan outfits for an outdoor winter session. I knew I had to be creative, because I didn't want to wear my same ol' boring jacket for all three themes, so it was fun to dig into the back of my closet and come up with something I hadn't worn before! Let me say - a zip up hoodie, sweater tights and lace up boots are now my favorite winter go-to outfit. I loved wearing this!

I finally have my computer back and am so excited to blog my little tush off this week! I have enough outfit posts to last me until next week! So exciting! Plus, I finally mailed a bunch of Delightful Dozen items, so I'm feeling very productive today! I've been doing so much shopping lately. I have a ton of new clothes that I can't wait to wear - eee! I think I'm done shopping for winter though. I've been stocking up dresses for spring now. I cannot wait. Even considering how much I really love these winter photos. ;)

Brett was so lovely during this session. He's not at all used to being in front of the camera - he's my guy behind the camera! So it was totally natural for me, but I know it wasn't for him, so I totally appreciate him. I'll cherish these photos for a lifetime and will someday show my kids and grandkids! How fun is that? Stay tuned.. more wintry photos this week including a vintage sled, snowshoes and snuggling in our apartment! Have a great week, everyone!

Outfit details:

Forever21 hoodie
Brawny Beauty Plaid c/o Threadsence
Chilltown Chocolate Brown Dress c/o LuLu*s
Forever21 sweater tights
Urban Outfitters boots