Sailor slip

So I think spring is finally here! We still have snow lingering, but the temperatures have been so nice the last couple of days! Forties and sunshine... perfectly fine with me! I've been so excited to start bringing out some of my spring clothes and accessories. My closet and dresser right now is an absolute disaster covered with shorts, sunglasses, knee-highs, ballet flats... all things considered untouchable until just a few days ago!

This navy dress is currently being sent around the Delightful Dozen and I had such a hard time styling it up. I'm still not crazy about this outfit, but I finally forced myself to leave the apartment to grab some shots before I went nuts! I absolutely adore the color of these knee-highs from Urban Outfitters, but they kept wrinkling around the knees. Brett kept giving me his look and saying they looked like something a grandma would wear - the burnt orange color and how they kept sagging and wrinkling. Haha! I always tell Brett, "You know... when you give me that look, those outfits tend to be some of my favorites!"

Downtown is so quiet right now. Not a single slip has a boat yet, no skateboarders, groups of people in bathing suits headed to the water, the boardwalk shops aren't open yet... it's the calm before the storm of tourist season. It's so funny to live in such a tourist town and be able to see it transition from season to season. And even with all of the touristy crazyness, summer is by far my favorite season here. It's just a given living on the beach. I was so excited to hang out with these seagulls during our photos today. I love seagulls! The "qua qua" sound is my favorite! (I just googled "what sound do seagulls make?" and there's no word for it, so I'm going to go with qua qua") Hahaha! See yaaaz tomorrow.

Outfit details:

Yaneldys via Delightful Dozen
Return of the Mack-Rame Belt c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters knee-highs
Brawny Beauty Plaid c/o Threadsence
Jessica Simpson heels