New Year's Eve

Happy 2012! Although I'm a little shocked at how fast 2011 went, I'm so excited for 2012. I have a lot of things I can't wait to start working on. But my biggest mindset going into the new year is to be happy and do all of the things I love doing. Life is too short! Have fun, be happy, do what you love. Plus, I'm back to the "every day counts" mentality. It really helps with my day-to-day process!

Some of my resolutions include: lose the 10 pounds I've gained, run a 10k, take a class, host a swap/blogger meetup, travel to Texas, visit my best friend in Denver, take a week-long trip with Brett somewhere warm and relaxing, go to Pictured Rocks again in July, explore the sunrise coast of Michigan, pay off several bills and move back to Grand Rapids. I'm already working hard at all of them. My biggest advice for new year's resolutions is to set tangible ones. Instead of "get in shape", set an actual goal like running a race. It gives you something to work toward!

For new year's eve, we devoured burgers at Red Robin (yum!) and went to our friend's house for a party. I love a low-key party with close friends. Of course, I still got dressed up as if we were going out! I got this dress on sale from ModCloth and love it. The little gold squares and cut out back were the perfect amount of dressy. Brett and I couldn't believe how warm it was. 50 degrees! Last year, it was a freak warm day too... but the year before that was freezing!

I also wanted to announce that I'm speaking at the Texas Style Council Conference in March! I'm so excited (and a little nervous!) It'll be my first time attending and I can't wait. I've heard rave reviews from last year and all of the photos looked like so much fun. Plus, I've never been to Texas... so that will be amazing. If any of you are going, be sure to let me know!

Outfit details:

Starlit Lady dress c/o ModCloth
Target black tights
Forever 21 feather necklace
Bold and Basic heel c/o ModCloth