Winter flurries

We're living in a winter wonderland! This is my favorite time of winter. The white snow covering all of the trees right now is so pretty. I was just telling Brett the other day that this is the winter version of the peak of autumn. I wouldn't mind winter so much if it looked like this the entire time!

This weekend just flew by. Friday night, I ended up watching tear-jerker chick flicks on the sofa. Saturday, Brett and I went shopping and saw Like Crazy at the theater. I really liked it! But the ending wasn't satisfying enough for me. I need to know how it really ends! Then, we went to see a few bands play. Today, I did laundry and decided to do nothing else but eat chinese food, popcorn and watch TV. So lazy! What is it about winter that makes you so lazy?

This week... I need to increase my runs to 1.5 miles, catch back up on emails (it's neverending!) and practice for our show we have coming up on Friday. My band, Circle Maybe, is playing in Ann Arbor on Friday night at the Metal Frat! I'm super excited to finally play out of Grand Rapids. Plus, I might be more excited to make a stop at their Urban Outfitters. They have the best one in Michigan!

Other than that, not much else is new to talk about! I've been working hard at getting the new Delightful Dozen members announced and planning for the Texas Style Council Conference! They were able to snag a larger venue, so if you were interested in attending, you still have a shot! I'll also have some exciting news on my trip soon too!

Outfit details:

Stella Polka Dot dress c/o Sosie
Gifted ring from Bonjour Bbydoll
Woodsy Wonderland coat c/o ModCloth
Hue tights
Target boots