Summer solstice

Here we are... on the first day of summer! It's definitely been showing its face in Michigan lately. We've been experiencing some crazy hot and humid days. Today was in the nineties and I could barely get dressed. I've been living in sheer tops, high waisted shorts/skirts and top knots. Living in the city is a totally different experience than a beach town too. I can't just drive my scooter five minutes to Lake Michigan and dive right in anymore! I can't complain though. I remember this time last year, it was 57 degrees! I'll take ninety over that any day.

Life has been a little odd lately, but I've been having fun. I'm living in an awesome city with an amazing career and wonderful friends... I can't complain. I miss a bit of normalcy in my life though. As much as I love being all over the place lately, I'm kind of an old granny at heart who loves touring lighthouses, falling asleep at 9:30 PM once in a while and blogging her heart out. I definitely plan to start posting more outfits in July. It's a huge goal of mine and I have some fun ideas.

So now that summer is upon us, I really need to make a list before it's all of a sudden gone. I really want to... go camping, ride a roller coaster, swim in Lake Michigan, explore a new lighthouse, take a weekend trip to the sunrise coast, see an outdoor concert, watch fireworks, eat a pronto pup, sit by a bonfire, ride my scooter along the Grand River, be happy about turning 26, swing from a rope into a river at my family reunion, play some amazing Circle Maybe shows (yes, we're still going to continue playing!) and just live and be happy.

Outfit details:

Forever 21 top
Urban Outfitters shorts
Thrifted belt
Minnetonka Moccasins