Dairy Queen

Another summer weekend has passed... they go too soon, right? I feel like I need to plan what I'm doing to the exact second so I squeeze everything in, but at the same time I want to live in the moment. Eh, you just can't win! But this weekend was really fun. Got some time at the beach for a work outing, saw a few great bands play, saw a movie, explored Ann Arbor and went shopping, ate lots of noms and spent time with some amazing people.

Today was a scoot-trip to Dairy Queen. DQ is a summer favorite of mine in the city. I personally think they have the best vanilla ice-cream ever. Maybe it's because it looks like clouds when it's on the cone... but either way. Plus, I like to get mine dipped in cherry. It melted like crazy but I enjoyed every second. Plus, typical me with my matching outfits was spot on with my cone! Matching outfits to food... hm, maybe that's next? ;)

I absolutely love the color, structure and simplicity of this dress. It's super easy to throw on with a few accessories. I'll probably end up wearing this dress again for 4th of July that's coming up. There was a blue wall I spotted that I thought would be super cute for a post, but maybe I'll rack my closet for other red items + try something else. I can't believe the 4th is coming up so quickly already. Eeep!

Well, enjoy your last week of June before July hits! It's supposed to be 80s and 90s here all week in Michigan. I plan on riding my scooter a lot, spending lots of time with friends, blogging more (yay!) and practicing in Circle Maybe. We just got new t-shirts that I'll be posting on soon. Plus, we're recording three new songs next month. So fun right? I'll keep you guys updated for sure! Have a great Monday!

Outfit details:

Cue the Compliments dress c/o ModCloth
Ruche belt
ModCloth Bow to Stern scarf
Rulla wedges c/o Blowfish Shoes